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Monday, January 23, 2006

Anti-Christian NBC show is likely dead!

Thanks in large part to the American Family Association (afa.net), "The Book of Daniel", the recent, extremely anti-Christian, offering from NBC is likely dead with only six episodes taped and no more planned.

NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said the network's reluctance to order more episodes had more to do with the series' sluggish ratings performance than any ongoing controversy. As of last week, five NBC affiliates in the U.S. were refusing to air the program, and a lobby group called the American Family Association has launched an advertising boycott. "We're going to continue to put on creative programming, regardless of any possible controversy," Reilly said. "In the end, though, the audience has the final vote."

Mr. Reilly, the audience has voted this show off the air! Will you continue to push shows with anti-Christian, anti family themes?

When will Hollywood understand that families actually enjoy watching clean, quality programming together? When they give us these "creative" (in Hollywoodspeak that means anti-family-values) "groundbreaking" offerings, they divide the family and, in many homes, the parents still rule the TV.

NBC doesn't get it and probably never will! With Kevin Reilly in charge, NBC will continue it's family values be dammed programming. Let's hope that the audience will continue to vote them off the air with their remotes!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Hero tells misguided Congressmen like it is!

Listen for yourself to this great American hero. Are you listening John Kerry? Are you listening John Murtha? Do you even care what they think when it does nothing for your careers?

I didn't think so!