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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gay Cowboy Movie headed for Oscars! Are you surprised?

As soon as I heard there was a movie about a gay cowboy, I knew it would be 'critically acclaimed' with 'award-winning' performances because it a 'groundbreaking' work. It doesn't matter who stars in the movie or whether it was well-directed as long as it was 'groundbreaking' and 'controversial'. I have no intention of ever seeing this movie so I can't say whether or not the acting, directing or cinematography is worthy of any awards. But that doesn't matter because I am psychic and I knew the critics would love it as soon as I heard what it was about.

Is anybody surprised? This is Hollywood, where movies thrive on controversy and family values mean nothing. With very few exceptions, the Hollywood crowd just doen't get it. Most people are not going to go see this movie no matter what the critics think. Hollywood is losing money because they refuse to enternain us. Moviegoers are not looking for political statements and morally corrupt characters. We want action, adventure, romance (normal, heterosexual romance), comedy (clean comedy sells best) and factual history. Hollywood gives us violence, sex of all kinds (as long as it is not within the bounds of marraige between a man and a woman), revisionist history (everyone was gay from Leonardo to Alexander to the Pope), and foul language substitutes for comedy.

Look at the box-office winners. By the way, I predict the biggest winner this year will be The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe because it is filled with action, adventure and beauty without the sex, violence and language that Hollywood thinks we want to see. Every Pixar film is a hit with families. Parents and grandparents love going to see these films with their kids because they know they will not be offended or embarrassed and their children will not be subjected to Hollywood's indoctrination of sub-standard social values. Pixar's movies ENTERTAIN and when they come out on DVD, we buy them because we can sit with our whole families and watch them.

It used to be that we could rely on the Disney label like that. Now parents have to screen Disney movies because Disney has strayed from it's family values. Even G-rated Disney movies may contain messages that parents don't want their children to hear because it counters their own teaching. We don't want Disney teaching our children their version of values when it is so far off base from our own. So Disney loses money, then scratches their collective heads, wondering why people don't go to the movies anymore.

I watched the Wizard of Oz last week with my wife. No children. It must have been the hundreth time I've seen that movie but we were still entertained! Sixty-six years after the movie was released, it still entertains! How many people will remember Brokeback Mountain sixty-six years from now or even six years from now. If anything, it might be remembered as another nail in the coffin of the Hollywood movie industry. If we're lucky, it could be their wake-up call.

Let's wait and see.


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Anti-gay asshole!

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