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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The President needs our prayers!

For no other reason than the fact that 2,000 American troops have now lost their lives in Iraq, the president needs our support in the form of prayer. Flags, bumper stickers, blogs and call-ins will not help this man deal with the depression that comes with knowing it was ultimately his decision that sent these men and women into harms way. I'm certain he is secure in his decision but it does not change the outcome.

He knows the decision was correct. Anyone who sees the progress, rather than what the MSM reports, knows that the decision was correct. The price is too high! The price of freedom is ALWAYS too high!! And there are always brave men and women willing to pay that price for us and for our children! Most military families accept the sacrifice with saddness and pride and a sense of peace in knowing that their son or daughter is contributing to the greater good (Commonwealth).

Some, like Cindy Sheehan, dishonor their loved ones with their protests. Will she ever find peace?

Does anyone truly believe that this president sits in his oval office gloating as the number of dead passes 2,000? Sadly, the answer is yes. There are many who believe that he is a cold-hearted tyrant. These are the same people who take advantage of the great freedoms we enjoy without ever thinking about , or praying for, those who fight to preserve those freedoms.

As the liberals gather in Washington like vulchers waiting for the bodies of Karl Rove and others to be thrown to them for the feast, the president is more concerned with praying for the latest parents to hear the news of yet another ultimate sacrifice.

Yes this president needs and deserves our prayers. Our troops need and derverve our prayers!!

If you read this, I hope that you will join in praying for our troops and our president.

And pray for peace! They (our president and our troops) want peace as much as we do!!


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