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Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina breeds opportunism!

In the week following Hurricane Katrina, we witnessed awesome works of charity, outpourings of God’s love and faith beyond comprehension. Unfortunately, we also witnessed opportunism and greed at it’s worst!

While millions of Americans were opening their wallets, their hearts and their homes to the victims of this great natural disaster, the political opportunists chose this time, while bodies still floated down the streets of New Orleans and survivors still clung to life and hope in their attics, to point fingers, raise suspicion, attempt to divide America even further between black and white, Republican and Democrat and rich and poor.

At a time when America needs to be united the most, these political beasts, these career troublemakers, these opportunistic rabble-rousers chose to once again agitate the poor and divide the country.

When it became painfully obvious that people were dying because of their distrust of government and authority, some chose to create even more distrust. Some chose to see people die rather than encourage them to obey the authorities that were trying to save them.

The great majority of Americans were saddened and moved to tears and moved to action by the sights and sounds of this tragedy as they unfolded. Most responded with money, prayer, and encouragement for those in danger. Some responded with false accusations, and disdain for those in authority.

Is it any wonder that so many ignored the pleas to evacuate when there are leaders like this who play on the fears of the poor for their own personal gain and popularity?

It is time for these leaders to step aside. No, it is time for them to be pushed aside! It is time for America, all of America to shut them up! It is time to stop the finger pointing and start uniting Americans of all races and all creeds and all political leanings and all levels of financial success. Then we can truly see the dream of Martin Luther King come true. Then we will see America in action, working with each other instead of against one another.

I do not have to mention the names of these political beasts. They make sure their names are in the paper and on the news every day, always criticizing, never helping, and always pointing fingers at someone else when they might be the cause of the problem themselves. If you see them, shut them off. If you hear them, tune them out! If you encounter them, tell them off!

Work with one another to unite America in our efforts to help the victims of Katrina. Spend your time and your money wisely toward raising up the victims rather than tearing down the establishment. Together, we can bring a world of good out of the murky waters of this hurricane’s aftermath. Some would rather drag us further into the muck and mire.

United we stand, divided we fall! It is as true today as it was when first uttered!


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