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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Al Queda is Falling

If a major terrorist organization falls and nobody reports it, does it still whimper? Where is the MSM reporting of this startling turn of events? Al Queda in Iraq has just over 100 fighters in ALL of Iraq! Bin Ladin makes video statements with no follow up action because he is hobbled by Bush's war on terrorism.

The simple truth is that the MSM will NEVER admit when Bush is right and WINNING the War!

Friday, April 28, 2006


This is what the illegal rallies are all about!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An open letter to President Bush

Dear Mr. President,

For years I have been one of your staunchest defenders. I respected the courage you displayed in your convictions. You were reelected because you stuck to your principles. You defended your positions on Iraq against all attacks from the left. You dared to display your faith in the face of godless detractors from all sides. You were elected for your Christian conservative principles more than anything else.

Now we are quickly becoming a nation of lawlessness on your watch and you are preparing to reward those who thumb their noses at our laws, those who wish to conquer our country from within and those who commit treason without fear of recourse.

In the past week, I have heard illegal aliens (they are not immigrants until they come legally into the process) BRAG about how easy it is to break our laws because there is NO enforcement and they know there never will be. A women who broke the law to enter our country illegally twenty years ago now works for a BANK having used a forged US Government document to gain employment. In her twenty years in the U.S. she has NEVER filed a tax return and NEVER been caught. She drives a car because she presented false documentation to the RMV to obtain a license ILLEGALLY. She can claim as many dependants as she wishes on her W-4 because it will NEVER be reconciled to her tax return because she does not file them. Now she claims we OWE her citizenship! She deserves jail and you want to reward her with "a path to citizenship".

Small and medium sized business owners all over this country are being threatented and otherwise intimidated to remain closed on May 1 to support the ILLEGAL work stopage by ILLEGAL aliens. They are using intimiation tactics usually associated with organized crime to force businesses to close against their will. And we know that you will stand by and do NOTHING!

Not only will you do nothing, you will pander to these thugs by promising "a path to citizenship". The law-abiding, taxpaying, voting citizens of this country, including legal immigrants, are NOT in favor of this amnesty no matter what euphamism you may use to describe it.

Many less-than honest business owners are taking advantage of these illegals by paying well-below-market wages, avoiding employment taxes including social security and medicare payments by the billions and there is NO enforcement from your administration. These illegals are NOT taking jobs that other Americans don't want. They are stealing us blind! They are draining our resources, taking free medical care and free education and paying little or NO taxes. Those who respect the law, pay taxes and elected you are picking up the tab for these deadbeats. Now you want to reward them with amnesty!

The very people you wish to see become citizens are planning to overthrow our government and you are aiding and abbetting them with your pandering. Watch on Monday May 1 as millions of illegals take to the streets, leaving jobs and schools all over the country, wearing Che Guevera t-shirts and waving the flags of their countries and demanding Reconquista!

These are not people who love America and want to be part of the American dream. They wish us harm and your constituents are scared because you are apparently blind to their motives. Read their signs, look at their history of lawlessness, look at their t-shirts and watch their violent behavior this coming Monday. Monday, May 1, 2006 will be a turning point in American history. We can only pray that it turns in the right direction!

You will not regain the support of this country until you return to the principles that got you elected. We are a nation of laws. If those laws are not supported with enforcement, this nation will become a nation of lawlessness. We ignore this threat at our own peril.

I highly recommend that you have a long talk with Congressman James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin before it is too late. He seems to be the only sane voice in Washington on this issue. At the very least, we MUST begin enforcement against ALL businesses who hire illegals, including banks who allow themselves to be duped by forged documents. We especially must go after every company that has avoided employment taxes and charge them all with tax evasion, collect what they owe us or sieze their properties to collect and put a stop this huge leak in our tax system. If the enforcemnet is there and the penalties are harsh enough, illegal employment will stop and many illegal aliens will have to go back to their own countries for work. We will not need to deport anyone because they will leave on their own. Enforcement against one company, no matter how large and how highly publicized does not fool the American citizen. We are smarter than that! The law MUST be enforced or this IS NO LAW! If there is no law, there there is only anarchy.

I would love to become a supporter again but your position on this issue is so wrong on so many levels, I simply cannot ignore the fact that you are failing us tremendously at a crucial time in our history. I sincerely hope and pray that you will reconsider your position on this most crucial issue. The Iraq war is a minor issue compared to this and you must change course or this counrty will suffer greatly in the coming years as a result.

As a member of the Presidential Prayer Team, you remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Dennis Brennan

Monday, January 23, 2006

Anti-Christian NBC show is likely dead!

Thanks in large part to the American Family Association (afa.net), "The Book of Daniel", the recent, extremely anti-Christian, offering from NBC is likely dead with only six episodes taped and no more planned.

NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said the network's reluctance to order more episodes had more to do with the series' sluggish ratings performance than any ongoing controversy. As of last week, five NBC affiliates in the U.S. were refusing to air the program, and a lobby group called the American Family Association has launched an advertising boycott. "We're going to continue to put on creative programming, regardless of any possible controversy," Reilly said. "In the end, though, the audience has the final vote."

Mr. Reilly, the audience has voted this show off the air! Will you continue to push shows with anti-Christian, anti family themes?

When will Hollywood understand that families actually enjoy watching clean, quality programming together? When they give us these "creative" (in Hollywoodspeak that means anti-family-values) "groundbreaking" offerings, they divide the family and, in many homes, the parents still rule the TV.

NBC doesn't get it and probably never will! With Kevin Reilly in charge, NBC will continue it's family values be dammed programming. Let's hope that the audience will continue to vote them off the air with their remotes!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Hero tells misguided Congressmen like it is!

Listen for yourself to this great American hero. Are you listening John Kerry? Are you listening John Murtha? Do you even care what they think when it does nothing for your careers?

I didn't think so!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hollywood in crisis: It seems the public is demanding decent entertainment

See my previous post on this topic.

Good entertainment sells. Political commentary under the guise of entertainment does not sell.

Hollywood will never get this message. Critics will never get this message.

Therefore, the patient will die and new sources of entertainment will arise to take their place.

Dreamworks dead! The death watch continues.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gay Cowboy Movie headed for Oscars! Are you surprised?

As soon as I heard there was a movie about a gay cowboy, I knew it would be 'critically acclaimed' with 'award-winning' performances because it a 'groundbreaking' work. It doesn't matter who stars in the movie or whether it was well-directed as long as it was 'groundbreaking' and 'controversial'. I have no intention of ever seeing this movie so I can't say whether or not the acting, directing or cinematography is worthy of any awards. But that doesn't matter because I am psychic and I knew the critics would love it as soon as I heard what it was about.

Is anybody surprised? This is Hollywood, where movies thrive on controversy and family values mean nothing. With very few exceptions, the Hollywood crowd just doen't get it. Most people are not going to go see this movie no matter what the critics think. Hollywood is losing money because they refuse to enternain us. Moviegoers are not looking for political statements and morally corrupt characters. We want action, adventure, romance (normal, heterosexual romance), comedy (clean comedy sells best) and factual history. Hollywood gives us violence, sex of all kinds (as long as it is not within the bounds of marraige between a man and a woman), revisionist history (everyone was gay from Leonardo to Alexander to the Pope), and foul language substitutes for comedy.

Look at the box-office winners. By the way, I predict the biggest winner this year will be The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe because it is filled with action, adventure and beauty without the sex, violence and language that Hollywood thinks we want to see. Every Pixar film is a hit with families. Parents and grandparents love going to see these films with their kids because they know they will not be offended or embarrassed and their children will not be subjected to Hollywood's indoctrination of sub-standard social values. Pixar's movies ENTERTAIN and when they come out on DVD, we buy them because we can sit with our whole families and watch them.

It used to be that we could rely on the Disney label like that. Now parents have to screen Disney movies because Disney has strayed from it's family values. Even G-rated Disney movies may contain messages that parents don't want their children to hear because it counters their own teaching. We don't want Disney teaching our children their version of values when it is so far off base from our own. So Disney loses money, then scratches their collective heads, wondering why people don't go to the movies anymore.

I watched the Wizard of Oz last week with my wife. No children. It must have been the hundreth time I've seen that movie but we were still entertained! Sixty-six years after the movie was released, it still entertains! How many people will remember Brokeback Mountain sixty-six years from now or even six years from now. If anything, it might be remembered as another nail in the coffin of the Hollywood movie industry. If we're lucky, it could be their wake-up call.

Let's wait and see.